Madison Park Apartment

The Location
Madison Park is conveniently located within walking distance of Highland Avenue Shopping Plaza, 2 miles from San Manuel Casino and near multiple major interstate and state highways. As one of the fastest growing communities in the vibrant Inland Empire of Southern California, much of east Highland is relatively new and has only been developed within the past 15 years. The city of Highland is four miles east of the city of San Bernardo, 16 miles northeast of Riverside and is near multiple major interstate and state highways.
Sale and Return on Investment
OneV Capital's business plan focused on creating better curb appeal and amenities for the property. OneV Capital's renovation was utilized to create a new leasing office, fitness center and tot lot, as well as, for landscaping upgrades along with unit upgrades including adding in-unit washer/dryers. As a result of OneV Capital's upgrades rents were increased by over 20% and The Madison Park was sold in September 2015 at a $5,500,000 sale price, which yielded a 1.55 multiple on capital in 2 years holding period.


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